Create a Killer Beauty Instagram Account With These Five Tips!

Do you want to use social media to show off the beauty skills you’re building? Beauty blogs, tutorials, and reviewers have exploded over the last few years, with hundreds of Instagram and Youtube accounts springing up every day. All of this growth doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have the chance of being seen, however. With the right plan you can create an account people and potential future clients will follow.

With the right theme, content, and a whole lot of passion - anything is possible!

Are you ready to get started and make your mark on the beauty industry? Here are our five tips to create, optimize and manage a Instagram account that will help you build your future book of business.

1. Create Your Brand

Pick a Profile Name- Just like picking your email in sixth grade, picking the profile name is a big step in the journey. Because you are creating a brand, try and keep the same handle across all your social media accounts. Pick something that is easy to spell and remember so people you meet can find you easily. Your handle should make it obvious that you’re beauty focused and able to help with your skills. This is a common formula, but also effective: skill + name. So you end up with something like NailsByKim or SkinByVanessa. Example: @HairandMakeupbySteph

Decide What Story You Want to Tell- Are you going to obsess over makeup? Do you want to create tutorials? Do you want your clients to be the star of your account? The best accounts have a story to tell. If your focus is makeup, your posts should feature things like looks you’re creating and product reviews for your favorite makeup brands. Or, maybe your whole account will be video based and will either be tutorials or show you in action while you’re doing work. If you’re going to focus on clients, talk about what service they chose, why they did it, what they loved about it and the results. Predictability is not a bad thing. It lets people know that if they like the story you’re telling, they’re going to get more of it!

Find a Visual Theme- Instagram is a visual platform. Using a color palette, similar framing, or even the same filter in all your posts can help give your page a cohesive look that will help people identify your account quickly. When they see a post by you, they’ll know it’s you without looking at the name just based off the color, style and feel.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency is more than just sticking to your brand as far as what you post, it is also important to how often you post. Posting at least once every other day is important to not only keep you relevant, but to keep your content in your followers feeds.

Create a calendar with a posting schedule and even an idea list to keep you going. Not only will this help to keep your content going, but will even give you a chance to schedule your posts and create videos and images ahead of time. It’s too hard to think of good content to post on the spot and doing this often leads to a messy and random looking account.

3. Don’t Forget About Other Features

Flex your creative muscles and play around with other features Instagram has available. Instagram stories, live, and highlights are great avenues to reach more potential fans and are more interactive. Use the poll or question stickers to give people an extra kick and keep people engaged.

woman taking a photo of herself with a phone

4. Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the organic way to extend your reach on Instagram. Research which hashtags that are common in your chosen industry- for example, #behindthechair for cosmetologists. Mix industry hashtags with local hashtags so you reach an audience that’s close to you and could realistically book a service with you. Create your own custom hashtag to use on posts so you start building another mini feed of your work. Invite clients to use this hashtag on the photos they post after their appointment.

Pro Tip! You can’t use links on Instagram, so including them in captions or comments can be a big ol’ waste of time. Include one link on your profile and refer followers there if you have a special or promo going on.

5. Don’t Forget to Engage

This one is more than just creating content that prompts your followers to engage. This is you engaging with your followers. At its base, Instagram is a social network. Make sure you don’t forgot the social part.

Promptly respond to messages, answer questions and engage with followers who leave comments. Devote a few minutes each day to go through your notifications and let your followers get to know you. It’s the personal touch that makes all the difference.

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Are you ready to get going on the 'Gram?

In addition to these steps you are going to want to make sure you have the knowledge and skills that people expect of a professional. Invest in the cosmetology, esthetics, and makeup classes that can get you there!

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