The Parent's Guide to Beauty School

As a parent, it's always exciting when your child comes to you and tells you they've found their calling in life. We always worry about our kids and their futures, and maybe this venture into the world of beauty is a surprise to you. It isn't a traditional four year college which is what most people are familiar with. This might cause you to wonder whether or not to encourage or support your child in their desire to go to beauty school. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by parents of beauty school students:

What's the Endgame?

If your son or daughter is going to spend the time and money to get an education you want to be sure that it will lead to some kind of fruitful employment. When it is all said and done you want your child to work in a career that can support them and that allows them to grow and move upward. Does the beauty industry provide these kinds of opportunities?

The answer to this question is yes! The beauty industry is so expansive and global that there are many branches and areas of specialization to choose from. At Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, we offer programs in cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology. Once your child graduates from one of these programs and enters the industry, they can become even more specialized in specific techniques or styles. If working in a salon or spa is not the right fit, they can pursue a career in management, product sales or development, or even opening their own salon. The possibilities and opportunities are abundant.

Woman smiling with arms crossed wearing a black beauty salon apron

Why Beauty School?

Many parents do not initially understand the desire of their child to go to beauty school. They wonder what motivates their child and what they want out of beauty school that they can't get out of a more traditional education.

The reasons that people have for going to beauty school vary, but one of the main ones is creativity. Many beauty school students are searching for a career that can serve as a creative outlet for them. Cosmetology is a great avenue for these types of people. You may think that it's a simple haircut, but it is a very creative process. Hairstylists create a vision based on the wants and physical features of the client, then they make that vision a reality. Seeing the finished product of something that they took from their imagination and made real can bring tremendous satisfaction.

Another possible reason your child is interested in the beauty industry is that they have an entrepreneurial spirit. They have likely seen other beauty industry professionals creating their own businesses and brands and the dynamics of that world may appeal to them. There are also examples of beauty industry leaders who have massive followings on YouTube and social media, like Bethany Mota and Michelle Phan which can also lead to great monetary opportunities. The beauty industry can offer many opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures.

Screenshot of Bethany Mota's youtube channel

A third common reason that people want to go to beauty school is from the examples of others. Often times someone close to them, like an aunt or close friend, is a beauty professional. They are inspired by that person and look up to them. They see the success and career satisfaction of these people and it makes them want to join the ranks of beauty professionals.

What is the Cost?

A common concern for any parent who has a child seeking higher education is the cost associated with it. Education beyond high school is expensive and most parents aren't excited to spend that much money. Luckily there are a variety of options that beauty schools can help you access to overcome this hurdle.

Many schools, like Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, have financial aid departments that can help you take advantage of the financial aid opportunities that are available. Schools that are accredited usually have access to financial aid and make it available to those who qualify. Applying with a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is usually the first step we tell students and their parents to take in getting financial assistance. If you qualify for financial aid through FAFSA it can help pay for a portion of the cost of education. After applying with a FAFSA, you can apply for student loans or scholarships to help pay for the rest of the expenses. By using a combination of FAFSA grants, student loans, and scholarships your son or daughter could potentially graduate with a relatively small amount of out of pocket expense. There are many financial assistance resources that you can tap into to help pay for school.

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What Will They Learn in Beauty School?

Some parents are unfamiliar with what beauty school is all about. They are unsure about what their kids will actually be learning. At Jean Madeline, we offer the following courses and cover some of the following topics:


1. Haircutting
2. Hairstyling
3. Manicuring and pedicuring
4. Professional development
5. Salon business
And much more

The cosmetology program can be completed in as little as 42 weeks for full time students, or 63 weeks part time.


1. Facials
2. Waxing
3. Body Treatments
4. Makeup Application
And much more

The esthetics program can be completed between 13 and 17 weeks.

We also offer a nail technician program and a program for those who are interested in becoming a teacher after graduating from the cosmetology program. All of the programs are designed to not only give the student the trade skills they need, but to help develop them professionally and personally.

What's Your Role as a Parent?

Once your child is in school, what is your role as a parent? Many of our most successful students are the ones who have a strong support system behind them. Going to school is hard, whether it's a traditional four year college or beauty school, and it's even harder when those closest to you are not 100% supportive. To help give your child the best chance of success in their education give them as much moral and emotional support as you can!

Still Have Questions?

Many of your concerns may have been addressed above, but for the questions that you may still have be sure to contact us. You can also schedule a tour of our campus for you and your son or daughter. Make a list of questions for us before you come, and we can go through them during your tour. We can't wait to show you around!

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