5 Reasons to Attend Our Beauty School in Bensalem

Jean Madeline Aveda Institute is an established beauty school with three different locations along eastern Pennsylvania. We recently moved one campus to a brand-new location in Bensalem, PA. While this change has been a big undertaking, there are quite a few reasons why we believe this move benefits you. Below are just a few reasons to consider joining us:

1. A Fresh Start

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They say when a woman changes her hair, that more changes are a-coming! We feel the same way about moving to our new campus in Bensalem. When we decided to relocate one of our three established campuses, we knew it would open up a whole new world for Jean Madeline Aveda Institute as a whole. With over 10,000 square feet, 70 styling stations, and four classrooms in our new facility, we can provide JMAI students with a fresh start to a new chapter in their lives with brand-new surroundings. Just like pruning a garden or chopping off long hair for a new look, this move means change and we think that’s a good thing for us and you, our students!

2. Convenient Location Inside the Neshaminy Mall

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Having a campus located inside the Neshaminy Mall has some serious advantages for our students. You can go shopping during your breaks and even grab a quick bite at the food court. Walking around helps you clear your head and relieve stress so stepping out of the school into the mall transports you to a new place without having to drive anywhere. Plus, pursuing the many shops could inspire your next makeup application or haircolor service. Parking at the mall means you’ll almost always find a spot right away and malls often host different events so attending school here means you’re usually the first to know what’s coming up. Lastly, need we say it? Sales, sales, sales! Being in the mall can mean taking advantage of the sales in the mall, too.

3. Fun Things to Do in Town

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We might be new in town, but we have already found many fun reasons to love being in Bensalem. There are tons of things to do in the Neshaminy Mall and around town, including taking in the historic sights and exciting events. Our new location has also given us a fresh perspective on how we fit into a community and how we can meet our students’ and salon clients’ needs. At JMAI, community matters. Enrolling with us in Bensalem allows you to be a part of an historic and fun community. To learn more, read our blog for our list of “Things to do in Bensalem, PA” here!

4. Flexible Schedules

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We understand that in this day and age real life can affect our students as they work toward their goals. Some of our students come to us straight out of high school, but some are parents or career changers that need a schedule that matches their real life needs. That’s why Jean Madeline Aveda Institute provides a variety of schedules so that whatever your situation might be, there could be some options to fit your life. Offering cosmetology, esthetics, and teacher programs, our flexible schedule options usually provide a way for us to help you reach your goals.

5. There’s Nothing Like an Aveda Education

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"Aveda Education is all about you—your passion, creativity and business excellence. We believe in inspiring you to integrate fashion, beauty and wellness into your life." - David Adams, Aveda, Former Global Technical Director

We believe that an Aveda education is a beautiful thing in more ways than one. The Aveda Institutes family of schools share an established mission: to help students on their journey to reaching their beauty career goals. Many of our graduates have gone on to become licensed estheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artists, teachers, and even salon owners. Choosing an Aveda education can also mean joining a network of beauty professionals that share the Aveda brand’s mission to “be an example of environmental leadership in the world of beauty” and beyond.

Who Are We?

If you are considering enrolling in beauty school, it’s always a good idea to learn as much as you can about the school’s history and where they are headed. At Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, we pride ourselves on our 30+years of collaboration with the Aveda brand. Click here to learn more about us and why this partnership matters to you!

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